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aXe Raiders

After centuries of being sealed away from humanity, the Tomb of Pharaoh Tanutamon may have finally been rediscovered. Archaeologists from all over the world are anxiously are gathering to sift through the clues that may reveal this hidden pyramid. Many have studied this famous lost monument for years and are clamoring to uncover its treasures. Any chance you may have of claiming the Golden Mask of the Pharaoh is quickly slipping away as the group of archaeologists head to their campsite and close in on the pyramid. You claim to be the greatest tomb raider of all time, but the treasures inside the tomb may soon be outside your reach. This is your last chance! You only have one hour to locate the pyramid and open up the burial chamber before they arrive. The Golden Mask of the Pharaoh would be the crowning achievement of your career, but the clock is ticking and the opportunity may soon slip through your fingers. You must hurry! Retrieve this long-hidden treasure – it’s now or never, the countdown has begun!

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