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Best Escape Games in Las Vegas

Set in various fictional sites, the best escape games of the year is here to serve you. Ameri Escape offers escape rooms where you will be playing an adventure game that involves solving puzzles and riddles in order to escape the room within the allotted time. Unveil the secret plot hidden within our escape rooms as you work together with your families, friends, and workmates. Depending on the theme of the escape game of your choosing, you will see yourself in some aesthetically made prison cells, dungeons or Egyptian pyramids. Our escape rooms consist of five differently themed games namely aXe Raiders, CXI, Dr. Guts, X-Mission #1 and X-Mission #2.

aXe Raiders

The famous Tomb of Pharaoh Tanutamon is on the verge of getting rediscovered. Archaeologists from various countries are already desperately looking for clues that can disclose the location of the said tomb. Considering that it has garnered quite an attention across the world for years now, it’s no wonder that you will be racing against a group of archaeologists to close in on the pyramid. Your claim as the greatest tomb raider of all time may be labeled as fake if you can’t get the treasures inside the tomb before anyone else does. Your last chance to prove your title is now here! You have one hour to get to the pyramid and open the burial chamber. The clock is running, so hurry and don’t let this crowning achievement of your career slip through your fingers!


What will you do if your laboratory is given a very rare opportunity by the FBI under some conditions and you’re the only one who can do it? Well, you have to do it! You will undergo a test mission in a form of lab works in order to prove that have what it takes. You are expected to complete the task within an hour. Yours and your company’s bright future is now in your hands. The time is of the essence. Do it now!

Dr. Guts

Instead of enjoying your camping trip in the woods, you are now faced with something dreadful. More than two hours have already passed and your friends are yet to be seen and you’re becoming anxious and panicked as more time goes by. Concerned and scared to death, you spot an awfully disfigured form dragging hauling one of your friends into the dark woods. As you begin to follow the body, you are lead to the lair of Dr. Guts where your friends will be mutilated for some gruesome experiments. Now, it’s up to you to save them and get out of there alive in just an hour, otherwise, Dr. Guts will begin his mutilation.

X-Mission #1 and X-Mission #2

The world is under attack by a group of multinational hackers called Beaker. The banking, communication, and government sites are being targeted amongst others. Many big cities are already in total chaos as panic continues to arise. Beaker’s end goal is to crush the world economy. Consequently, the international stock market has become one of their victims and there’s already a virus in the system. The virus will take full effect and destroy the world economy 60 minutes after it was uploaded. As the ultimate FBI hacker, your mission is to stop them at all. You are left to find the infected computer in the building and cease the program. Your time is only limited to an hour so don’t waste any second!



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