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Best Escape Room

Are you down for some thrilling and mind-boggling adventure? Look no further because here in Ameri Escape we have the best escape room and physical adventure game wherein players are tasked to solve puzzles and riddles with the help of the clues, hints, and whatever strategy they may come up with in hopes of completing the mission before the time runs out. You will be given a limited time to unravel the secret mysteries embedded in our escape rooms. Our escape rooms have various fictional settings including dungeons, prison cells, and Egyptian pyramids. All in all, we have four escape games which are as follows;

X-Mission #1 and X-Mission #2

Set in several places across the world, it involves an ominous group of multinational hackers called Beaker. The Beaker has already made their attacks in various places around the globe, aiming at certain industries such as banking, communication, and government sites. People are becoming frantic and agitated as they continue to deliver destruction in several major cities. The Beaker’s main purpose is to destroy the world economy. In fact, the international stock market is under serious attack right now due to the virus that has spread. There are only 60 minutes left before the virus can completely abolish our economy. Now, it’s your job to stop them being the best computer hacked at the FBI. Find the infected computer in the building and discontinue the program. Remember, you only have one hour to save the world!

aXe Raiders

It looks like the Tomb of Pharaoh Tanutamon may finally see the light of the day after being sealed away for centuries. There has been a gathering of archaeologists from all over the world in order to find clues that may uncover the mysterious pyramid. Several people have made this lost tomb the center of their studies for years now, so they are anticipating to expose its treasures. As a self-proclaimed greatest tomb raider, your chance of claiming the Golden Mask of the Pharaoh is finally here so don’t lose to the group of archaeologists! This is your last chance to get your hands on the treasures. Locate the pyramid in exactly one hour and open up the chamber before your rivals arrive. Hurry, the clock is ticking so grab a hold of this rare opportunity to climb up in your career.


Today your laboratory is given a once in a lifetime opportunity. Your company will be given a long-term contract by the FBI once you have proved your worth and skills. In order to that, you must go through a lab work for your test mission. There’s only an hour allocated for the completion of the task. If you can complete it within the timeframe, your lab can get the offered contract along with the fame and recognition from succeeding the task. What are you waiting for? Go now!

Dr. Guts

Oh no! It seems like your camping trip in the woods will be ending sooner than you want because your friends are missing! They have been gone for more than two hours already. But then suddenly, you see a dreadful shape dragging one of your friends into the deep woods. Your once peaceful trip is turning into a nightmare. You follow the figure where your friends are inside Dr. Gut’s place in which they will be subjected to his horrendous experiments. Before Dr. Guts will start his gruesome mutilation, you must escape along with your friends in just one hour!



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