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Corporate Events Las Vegas

Are you looking for a fresh and stimulating activity for your company’s corporate event that will surely create interaction and promote team building and communication skills among your co-workers? Here in Ameri Escape, we have Las Vegas escape rooms that make your next corporate event a blast and unforgettable experience. Our escape room games are there to help encourage team chemistry and create a fun atmosphere for your co-workers. No need to go through another dragging day of boring team-building exercises because you now have the option to engage in many exciting and enjoyable activities.

Our escape rooms come in a form of physical adventure games wherein you are tasked to solve a series of riddles and puzzles out of the clues and hints that were given to you. Your main goal is to escape the room by thinking of logical and creative ways to meet all the game’s objectives. Remember that you are only given limited time—usually 1 hour—to unveil the secret scheme that is concealed within the escape rooms. The creation of escape rooms was actually inspired by “escape the room” video games.

Plan out the most memorable corporate event your employees and co-workers will ever attend! Have a blast while developing your communication skills, trust, and decision-making abilities. We at Ameri Escape is the only escape room in Las Vegas that allows head-to-head competition between two teams! We have our dual room race where separate teams compete against each other in an exhilarating race against the clock. Make some arrangements and choose from our five escape games namely;

  1. X-Mission #1
  2. X-Mission #2
  3. CXI
  4. Guts
  5. aXe Raiders

For our first two escape game, we have a two-part escape game, X-Mission #1 and X-Mission #2. This game is focused on a group of global hackers who are responsible for several attacks in major cities across the globe. Labeled as the Beaker, they are aiming to crush the world economy which explains why the international stock market servers are currently invaded by a malicious virus. Before it’s 60-minute uploading time is completed, you are given the task to stop the program since you are the best FBI computer hacker. Find the computed containing the virus in this building before it’s too late!

In CXI, you are working in a laboratory in which a once in a lifetime is being presented to you by the FBI. In order to be part of the profitable contract, you must first complete a certain test mission consisting of lab works. You are to finish your mission in 60 minute’s time, otherwise, you and your company will be saying goodbye to the promised fame and recognition.

Dr. Guts is set in the woods where you and your friends are enjoying your camping. However, something horrible happened to your friends. They went missing! Two hours or so have already passed as you worriedly look for them when you spot a defaced shape dragging one of your friends deeper into the woods. What awaits you is the hideous reality that your friends will become subjects of Dr. Guts’ sick experiments in his lair. To prevent such thing from happening, you must escape along with your friends within an hour! No more, no less!

aXe Raiders is about the Tomb of Pharaoh Tanutamon and how it may be rediscovered after centuries of being sealed away. Several archaeologists are already gathering and making their move to get their hands first on the famous long-hidden treasure. You, on the other hand, is given the chance to prove that you are indeed the greatest tomb raider of all time by getting the treasures inside the tomb. Now, the clock is ticking so you must hurry and claim all those for yourself before the archaeologists will!



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