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Escape Games

Did you know that the idea of real-life escape rooms was inspired by escape games in video games? Rather than staying at home and playing escape video games, you can now experience it firsthand with any of our escape games. Yes, escape games are finally here, the phenomenon that caused quite a stir in the European entertainment business industry. Before escape games became a worldwide sensation, it was part of the dusty basements of Budapest, and now, millions of people are playing them across the globe. In Ameri Escape, we have five escape games that will guarantee you a great time, and these are:

  1. aXe Raiders

When the talks of the Tomb of Pharaoh Tanutamon being rediscovered spread around, archaeologists from all over the world didn’t waste time to go through the clues that may reveal the hidden pyramid. Many experts have studied this renowned lost monument for several years and they are eager to uncover its treasures. You, on the other hand, is now faced with the possibility of losing your chance to claim the Golden Mask of the Pharaoh because the group of archaeologists is now headed to the location of the pyramid. You may have to give up your title of being the greatest tomb raider if you can’t get the treasures inside the tomb. Grab this rare chance to locate the pyramid and loot all the treasures within an hour. Hurry! Your one hour starts now!

  1. CXI

Today your laboratory is being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity. The FBI has negotiated with you a long-term contract, but you’ll have to prove that you’re up for the task by going through a lab work test mission. You are only given one hour. If you can come out victorious, your company along with you will be rewarded and recognized for your efforts. Time is running! Do your best!

  1. Guts

Your camping trip would have been perfect if not for the nasty turn of events. Oh no, what will you do? Your friends are gone and it’s been two hours since your last saw them. Anxiety to the nth level is kicking in and you can’t seem to calm down. Scared out of your wits, you suddenly spot a distorted figure dragging one of your friends into the woods. You follow the figure as the body of your friend is being dragged to the lair of Dr. Guts. In there, they will be experimented in worst ways by the criminal. Now, you’re given one hour to get out of there along with your friends before Dr. Guts will begin his gruesome mutilation!


  1. X-Mission #1
  2. X-Mission #2

A notorious group of hackers has launched a series of attacks to various big cities in the world. Their end goal is to destroy the world economy. A virus has already affected even the servers of the international stock market and will take full effect once it is completely uploaded after 60 minutes.  As the greatest computer hacker at the FBI, your mission is to locate the infected computer in this building and stop the virus at all costs. Remember, one hour is your allotted time!



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