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Escape Room

Located in Las Vegas, our escape rooms are the finest in the real-world puzzle and solving experience. From prison cells, dungeons to Egyptian-themes rooms, we have it all coupled with puzzles and riddles that are usually matched with the theme. Escape games are great activities to strengthen your family bond and friendship and develop communication skills and team building skills with your classmates or co-workers. Here in Ameri Escape, our escape rooms are made to cater special events such as birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, school field trip, and even for some side trip to Las Vegas.

Special events

  1. Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Looking for an exciting activity to challenge your group in your bachelor or bachelorette party? Well, you will found exactly what you’re looking for here in Ameri Escape. Our escape rooms will surely give you a unique experience that will last a lifetime. If you’re up for a new kind of party that does not involve stripping and all sorts, then our escape rooms in Las Vegas is perfect for you. We also offer full catering service to lessen your burden. Your group will only be given 60 minutes to get out of our escape room so you can use whatever clues and strategies you have to solve the puzzles and escape. What do you think?

  1. Birthday Parties

Take your next birthday party to a whole new level and celebrate it with family and friends. Try out our escape room as your birthday bash, instead of those traditional celebrations. Be different this year and you won’t regret it. Ameri Escape offers the ideal event space that is appropriate for any parties of all sizes and ages. You can also opt to avail of our birthday cake and ice cream along with our full catering services. This is the perfect way for your whole group to strengthen your team building skills!

  1. Tourists and Travelers

Thinking of doing something different in Las Vegas? Give our escape rooms a try. You will be shown a short video that will explain the backstory of the room and once you are done with the briefing, you and your group will be locked in a themed room of your choosing with 60 minutes to escape. You can use your creative mind, intuition, and logical thinking to escape the room. A series of challenging puzzles and riddles will be your guiding light so long as you can answer them right. This will surely be an adventure you won’t forget for the rest of your life. This is the perfect way to get away from the typical Las Vegas scene and embark yourself on a new exciting journey for an hour.

  1. School Groups

Back up with exciting and unique backstories, our escape rooms in Las Vegas are the ultimate school group activity you could ever ask for. Filled with stimulating puzzles, team building is one of the keys in coming out of the room, which makes it a great school activity. You will have 60 minutes to escape from a locked room and to do that, you must use the clues and hints given to solve the puzzles and escape. You can also avail to use our identical game rooms for a head-to-head competition and to make it even more exciting!



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