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Group Activities in Las Vegas

Feel like challenging your friends, family, classmates, or even co-workers to some kind of physical adventure games? Look no further because you can now enjoy exciting group activities in Las Vegas at our famous escape rooms where you and your group are locked in a themed-room as you try to unravel the secret plot and escape before the time runs out.  You will be solving a series of puzzles and riddles with the help of available clues and hints given for each game. You are free to use your intuition, creative or logical thinking as means of getting out the room so long as you can complete the objectives at hand. Our escape rooms are set in a variety of fictional locations such as laboratory, Egyptian pyramids, and woods.

Escape games:

When a group of notorious multinational hackers attacked the international stock market servers, a malicious virus was placed in a computer that will crush the world economy if left alone. As the greatest computer hacker in the FBI, your job is to stop the virus from taking full effect within an hour.

  1. aXe Raiders

Your task is to get a hold of the treasures inside the Tomb of Pharaoh Tanutamon before a group of archaeologists gets them first. Locate the burial chamber in 60 minutes and claim the treasures all to yourself. Hurry! You don’t have much time left!

  1. CXI

In order for your company to receive a lucrative contract from the FBI, on behalf of your laboratory, you have to successfully pass a test mission. You are given an hour to complete it.

  1. Guts

Your friends went missing during your camping trip. When you saw one of your friend’s body being dragged down, you follow the trail and discovered that you are in the lair of Dr. Guts where your friends will be the subjects of his horrendous experiments. Now you have to think of a way to get out there along with your friends within an hour before Dr. Guts starts his experiments.

Group activities:

Are you in charge of planning a stag party or hen party? Tired of going to bars and the endless drinking? Why not try our escape room in Las Vegas? Our escape rooms are a fast-paced and exciting adventure that involves remaining fully clothed while still having the time of your life.

Want to celebrate your next birthday party at someplace different this time? We have the solution for you. Our escape rooms can accommodate several people and is suitable for all ages. We also have full catering services including cake and ice cream.

Our escape rooms guarantee that your corporate event will be a huge hit. Filled with thrill and adventure, these escape game will surely help build team chemistry and team building skills. Have fun while developing communication skills, trust, and decision-making abilities with Las Vegas’ ultimate escape rooms, Ameri Escape.

School field trip activities always involve something that will promote team building and communication skills. Escape games are your number one choice for that! Students will be spending time with fellow students in solving puzzles and riddles.

Want to try something different while you’re in Las Vegas? Try our amazing escape rooms for a change. Escape the room within 60 minutes’ time by solving the puzzles and riddles. Come on, join the fun now!



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