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Things To Do In Las Vegas

Want to try something different for your get together or just looking for things to do in Las Vegas? We have two words for that, escape games! If you haven’t tried going to one, today might just be a good day to try it. Escape room entertainment has become a huge hit ever since it spread throughout Europe. Now that it has come to Las Vegas and to other places across the globe, millions of people throughout the world are now playing escape games. Try your hand at our escape rooms and you may find out that you have a knack for solving puzzles and riddles! Experience a fun day or night in our make-believe themed rooms with your friends, family, and co-workers.

For special events and groups, we cater to the following;

Give our ultimate escape games a go!

  1. X-Mission #1
  2. X-Mission #2
  3. Guts
  4. CXI
  5. aXe Raiders

1-2 X-Mission #1 & 2

When Beaker, a group of multinational hackers launched a number of attacks in the major cities across the globe, people are becoming frantic and worried as time goes by without the authorities doing anything. The main problem now is that the servers of the international stock market have been infected with a malicious malware that can destroy the world economy in just an hour. As the located in this building so you must find it and stop the program. Remember, you only have one hour to do it!

  1. Dr. Guts

What happens where your once peaceful camping trip in the woods has become everyone’s nightmare? You find your friends missing and you haven’t been able to find them for more than two hours. Suddenly, you spot a horribly disfigured shape dragging one of your friends deeper into the woods. You follow the figure as your friend is being dragged to the lair of Dr. Guts, where they will undergo his horrid experiments. You have only one hour to help them escape, or Dr. Guts will begin his gruesome mutilation!

  1. CXI

The laboratory that you are working at is given a once in a blue moon opportunity by the FBI. The thing is, you will only get the lucrative contract if you pass the test mission. You are given one hour to complete it. If you’re successful, your company will be signing the contract and bask in the fame and recognition that comes with earning such a prestigious job. The clock is ticking! Hurry!

  1. aXe Raiders

There have been talks around that the Tomb of Pharaoh Tanutamon may have been finally rediscovered. As a result, several archaeologists from various places in the world are gathering to locate the long-lost monument and claim the treasures for themselves. As the greatest tomb raider, this is your last chance to prove your worth to everyone. You only have one hour to locate the pyramid and open up the burial chamber, otherwise, the archaeologist will find them first. Hurry and don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers! Time starts now!



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